Aug 13, 2010

This is your Captain speaking...

I think my husband is the only person that knows how completely obsessed I am with airplanes. I mean, an out of this world dream date would be taking me to an airport and letting me get an up-close and personal look at planes taking off and landing. I think there's such a beauty in planes. They're somewhat magical to me. I know, I know... I sound like a child, but they really do fascinate me.

Funny enough I'm also anxious to fly. Crazy, huh! When I was younger I used to adore flying, even being the rock to calm nervous family members down... but at some point a few years ago I developed this crazy fear of flying and unexplained anxiousness. I really don't know where it came from but believe me, it's real.

As my husband and I prepare to start taking more overseas trips together I'm trying to figure out ways to get over my fear. Flying over land makes me antsy but the idea of flying over water? I need a doctor to give me a tranquilizer and knock me out lol. I honestly think I must have had a bad experience in a past life with planes and water. Any psychics out there care to delve into my past? (Where's my Chicago Tarot lady when I need her... lol)

While browsing YouTube I came across this great channel by a Norwegian pilot. It's common to see videos from the cabin, but rarely do we get a first hand look at take-offs and landings from the cockpit and pilot's perspective!

The latest video from him featured a nighttime landing during a rainstorm. Watch the video and stare in amazement at how skilled pilots really are. It's like driving through fog. He has a few other cool videos you can check out too.

Do you all have any out of the box obsessions?

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