Aug 11, 2010

Day 9: Ghosts, Personal Trainers, and Stilettos... oh my!

It's day 9 of my 30 day blogging challenge and I must admit I've hit a bit of a wall. I love blogging and writing really is an outlet for me, but I hate feeling forced to write about topics that I don't necessarily care to speak on at the time. Dammit I'm a random person and this blogging challenge is the least random thing in my life. Still, I press on....

So... what do I believe in!

1. Energy - Good energy, bad energy... the fact that people can throw off my energy! I believe I've been sensitive to feelings and energy levels my entire life.

2. Stilettos! I'd eat, sleep and shit (as Janice Dickinson says) in my heels. I live and die for a great pair of stilettos and I don't think I could ever have enough.

3. Personal trainers... just like you go to a lawyer for legal advice or a doctor if you're sick, I believe in using a personal trainer to help cultivate the best body you can have. I've been training with Chris Terry (owner of 1 on 1 Boxing Fitness - Mesa, AZ) and he's simply amazing. I'll be blogging more about my experience in the coming weeks, but I think everyone could benefit from having a personal trainer.

4. Eating breakfast - There's a reason why they call it the most important meal of the day. I've been eating breakfast for years now. Definitely think everyone should jump on board because it makes a difference.

5. Ghosts... yes, I believe in Ghosts, spirits, whatever you'd like to call them... they're out there, I've seen them and they're real! lol.... I guess this piggy backs off of my belief in energy... combined with my love for all things ghost related on tv (Real: Psychic Kids... and Fake: Ghost Whisperer) but yes I believe in ghosts.

6. Not having debt. Currently, my husband and I have paid off all of our debt... the only thing I have is my mortgage which is technically "good" debt... but I'm simply in heaven that I don't owe anyone anything.

7. Power Naps... I never thought I'd see the day I'd turn into a napper, but dude... naps are the business! My husband and I have become napping pros taking daily naps via skype while he's deployed. I think it's nice to take a break in your day, pause, and curl up in bed for some quick shut eye. If power naps aren't a part of your life please consider adding them in there.

What do you believe in?

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