Aug 11, 2010

Day 9: Ghosts, Personal Trainers, and Stilettos... oh my!

It's day 9 of my 30 day blogging challenge and I must admit I've hit a bit of a wall. I love blogging and writing really is an outlet for me, but I hate feeling forced to write about topics that I don't necessarily care to speak on at the time. Dammit I'm a random person and this blogging challenge is the least random thing in my life. Still, I press on....

So... what do I believe in!

1. Energy - Good energy, bad energy... the fact that people can throw off my energy! I believe I've been sensitive to feelings and energy levels my entire life.

2. Stilettos! I'd eat, sleep and shit (as Janice Dickinson says) in my heels. I live and die for a great pair of stilettos and I don't think I could ever have enough.

3. Personal trainers... just like you go to a lawyer for legal advice or a doctor if you're sick, I believe in using a personal trainer to help cultivate the best body you can have. I've been training with Chris Terry (owner of 1 on 1 Boxing Fitness - Mesa, AZ) and he's simply amazing. I'll be blogging more about my experience in the coming weeks, but I think everyone could benefit from having a personal trainer.

4. Eating breakfast - There's a reason why they call it the most important meal of the day. I've been eating breakfast for years now. Definitely think everyone should jump on board because it makes a difference.

5. Ghosts... yes, I believe in Ghosts, spirits, whatever you'd like to call them... they're out there, I've seen them and they're real! lol.... I guess this piggy backs off of my belief in energy... combined with my love for all things ghost related on tv (Real: Psychic Kids... and Fake: Ghost Whisperer) but yes I believe in ghosts.

6. Not having debt. Currently, my husband and I have paid off all of our debt... the only thing I have is my mortgage which is technically "good" debt... but I'm simply in heaven that I don't owe anyone anything.

7. Power Naps... I never thought I'd see the day I'd turn into a napper, but dude... naps are the business! My husband and I have become napping pros taking daily naps via skype while he's deployed. I think it's nice to take a break in your day, pause, and curl up in bed for some quick shut eye. If power naps aren't a part of your life please consider adding them in there.

What do you believe in?


Boxing Trainer said...

Your blogs are soooo funny love the picture of the kid power napping lol

My Name is not DANA!!! said...

I love naps as well. The main reason I loathe working 9-5 is because I miss my nap time lol, though we do have a resting room at my job, I want my bed!!!!

Mrs. Denga said...

I am a strong believer in naps! They really do give you that extra boost!

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