Aug 16, 2010

N♥tural Hair: 3 Quick Styles

When it's time to go to bed the last thing on my mind is re-twisting my hair. I'm someone that would rather throw on a scarf and figure out my hair situation in the morning. I've woken up to severe "bed head" from time to time... and definitely NOT the kind you see bouncing around in Victoria's Secret ads.

While the model's hair looks insanely dry, I'm embarrassed to admit my hair has resembled this on more than a few occasions (good sleep does that to you). This is one of the only videos I've come across on YouTube that shows natural hair that I could relate too - - wild, dry looking and slightly messy lol. Now, I don't know if that was the look she was going for but I swear my hair looked like this too many times in the past (before I discovered Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir). If you can look past how dry her hair seems, the styling options she offers are not too bad... a bit basic, but everyone needs to start somewhere. You can never have enough "get up and go" options.

Again, I liked this video because I thought it was pretty realistic, not because her hair seemed in the best condition. I think she needs a deep condition and twist out asap lol... but everyone doesn't have bouncing curls like Taren916 so this was a nice natural hair reality check, if you will.

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