Aug 2, 2010

Blessing in Disguise: Antoine Dodson

Sometimes God sees it fit to bless us with little miracles. This week it came in the form of Antoine Dodson.

The Alabama native swooped into action after an intruder broke into his sister's home (he was asleep on the couch) and helped to scare the man off. Now, that seems like a heroic story in and of itself but there's a catch - - Antoine and his sister are the epitome of a hood ass tragic mess!

I feel slightly torn because their intense level of hoodness took the attention off the fact that she was a victim of breaking and entering and almost rape which is a very serious issue. Instead all we can focus on is how comedic these folks are. I mean, I've watched the interview at least 8 times - - letting out multiple belly laughs. Yet, it's a running joke that news cameras make their way to the hood only to find the most suspect person to interview. I don't know whether to shake my head in shame, or thank them for unearthing this gem of a personality!

On another note, if you're curious as to how Dodson is handling becoming an overnight sensation:

and my favorite remix (I feel guilty for loving this so much lol)

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