Aug 27, 2010

Fashion Fix: J Brand for the Cheap!

<------ I've been lusting over these J Brand 'Houlihan' Skinny Cargo pants for the past few months.However, the whopping cost of $231 was not going to fly with my budget. I was thrilled to find an affordable and equally fab version of the pants at Forever21 this weekend.

They're brand new to the store and not yet available online, but their skinny cargo pants will only cost you $24.80 ---->

You can't beat that price and having compared both jeans, the Forever21 version isn't too shabby. They're 97% cotton, 3% spandex and feel soft to the touch - - just like the J Brand version. I tried them on and the fit is pretty good too. I'm 5'2" and they hit right at my ankle... plus the zipper detail on the bottom is nice. Not to mention that I love the amount of stretch.

<---- you can get a better look at pocket and leg detail.... These pants are a must have as we transition from the summer to the fall.

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