Aug 22, 2010

Day 20: Panty Drawer Facelift

You don't have to wait for Spring to get started cleaning and organizing your home. This month I decided to tackle the mess that was brewing in my panty drawer. I don't know when it happened, but I looked at my drawer one day and was shocked at the chaos I saw. I was definitely in need of an underwear intervention, stat!

On top of tossing out some underwear that were no longer making the cut, I added a bunch of new ones into the mix! Call it my "period panty makeover" because I had cotton full bottoms everywhere and that's not a good look. Yes, this may be TMI for some folks out there but I like honest dialogue and women know that during that time of the month sexy panties are the last thing on our mind. Period panties don't have to be fruit of the loom or jockey... throw some cute styles, colors or even lace into your drawer!

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