Aug 3, 2010

Day 1: Introducing....

It's Day 1 of my 30 day blogging challenge and I'm already making new discoveries. I decided to ask my mother the correct pronunciation of my name and guess what? I apparently "changed" the it when I was around 6 because I "didn't like it"... and my mother being the wonderful mom she is let me! Talk about living a lie lol...

So, I'd like to introduce myself - - my name is Ishea... (pronounced I-She-Uh) and I'm kind of relieved to discover that my name DOES make sense and is pronounced the same way it's spelled!! Yay for having a mother than didn't throw unnecessary letters in my name.

I'm a 26yo vivaciously random motor mouth from the suburbs of Chicago. People still feel a need to point out that I "speak proper" and some friends say I sound funny when I curse. I have a weakness for Chicago-style hot dogs and cheese fries (Portillo's cries out for me on a daily basis) but I've put those cravings on pause. I have a new found love for boxing and love having a personal trainer. I'm finishing up my BS in Communications (it's been a work in progress but I'm determined to finish school without any loans). I married my best friend and soul mate earlier this year and have been living a dream, though the US Air Force likes to keep us on our toes lol.

I work in publishing but sometimes feel like Tommy because nobody really understands what I do... especially since I work from home now. I'm 5'2" and therefore a self-confessed stiletto addict and can always be found with my camera in hand. I love dogs, am slowly warming up to cats, and hate bugs. Secretly I'd love to own a farm but don't think I could find a pair of stilettos that would work lol. My TV is always tuned to HGTV and I fall asleep to CNN every night.

Still hanging in there?

Writing is really an outlet for me and I love having a blog where I can share the many thoughts that cross my mind. I'm looking forward to this 30 day blogging challenge... I think I'm off to a great start.

Sidebar: I'm not sure if I should erase the last 26 years of my life and now start going by my correct name. I think friends/family will end up calling me whatever they want and have been doing for years, but for all of my new friends -- feel free to call be I-She-Uh!!

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