Aug 9, 2010

N♥tural Hair: Tuck and Go

I hit the 2 month mark for my Summer Weave and decided to give my hair a break. I took down my weave over the weekend and boy oh boy... I was NOT prepared for the amount of shedding. I mean, it wasn't really an alarming amount.. but after being weaved up for 2 months it was a shock to see hair actually shed again. I'm excited to go back to having big hair, but I do already miss having hair that required minimal styling.

I have a hair appt for my 2nd Brazilian Blowout next week and in the meantime have been on the hunt for some easy, go to styles I can rock. While browsing online I stumbled across this great option for my natural hair --->

This is a style that's kinda quirky, but I'd seriously wear this every day. Upon further research I found this video of a girl doing a similar style:

For all of my fellow naturals, any low maintenance style suggestions?
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