Aug 25, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Results on Natural, African American Hair: Round 2 part III

Now that you've seen the results you're probably curious about the actual process. Depending upon the length of your hair it can take anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours (start to finish).


The morning of my blowout I usually do very little to my hair. It's not necessary to prep the hair in any way for the treatment so I just roll out of bed, shower and go.

Upon arriving to the salon my hair was washed multiple times with the Brazilian Blowout anti-residue shampoo. This strips the hair of any dirt/oil and preps it for the treatment.

After towel drying and dividing the hair into sections, the Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatment was applied and hair was blow dried with a round brush.

After hair is blow dried a flat iron is used to further straighten the hair and seal in the product. I also get my ends trimmed at this point.

Some people have been concerned with experiencing heat damage due to the level of heat that is used (about 400 degrees), but I have not experienced this. My hair can take heat rather well and keep in mind that you have a licensed professional performing this treatment. The Brazilian Blowout technique is not available over the counter and salons must undergo the official Brazilian Blowout training to obtain certification to perform this. If you want to find a salon that is certified to do this technique, click here.

Next, the hair is rinsed to remove any product build-up or residue. The Brazilian Blowout masque is applied to hair and you sit under the dryer for a few minutes. This helps to further seal in the treatment. The hair is then rinsed again and you're ready to be styled.

The Brazilian Blowout does not have a waiting period like some Keratin Treatments out there so you have the option of styling your hair curly or straight. I typically choose to have it styled straight, but below you'll see it styled curly (flat twists) 2 days after I got the treatment done.

I hope this answers most of the questions people have... but feel free to ask anything you're curious about in the comments section!


The Random Chronicles said...

I sweat at the drop of a dime, will the Brazilian Blowout keep my hair straight at well?

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Random Chronicles - The Brazilian Blowout doesn't permanently straighten your hair, so if you encounter water of any kind (sweat, rain, etc) your curl pattern will still return. I sweat a lot during my workouts and my hair doesn't frizz up or have shrinkage... though I'm not one to workout with straight hair lol.

For those that like to wear their hair straight, the blowout makes it easier to manage. So, I can blowout my own natural hair in like 20 mins tops. It's also not necessary for me to use a flat iron (as I blowout my hair with a round brush).

So, long story short - - If you have a blowout done and you sweat enough, it's possible for your hair to curl up (if it's natural), but I haven't experienced any extreme sweating out of my hair while it's straight under normal circumstances. I only sweat when I'm working out and my hair is usually curly. When it's straight and I'm hot a little sweat doesn't do anything...

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