Aug 11, 2010

Fashion Fix: Maternity Style

Forever21 has slowly but surely become a staple in every girl's wardrobe. From bangles to shoes, to undies and dresses the store has it all. Last year they introduced their Faith21 line of plus size clothes as well as expanded their male line. Guess what? For all the mommies-to-be out there they haven't forgotten about you either. They just launched Love21 Maternity, which features hot looks for those sporting a baby bump. Right now this line is only available at select stores in California, Arizona, Utah and Texas... but stay posted to the site for details as they'll be branching out to more stores this fall.

Check out a sneak peek from their look book below.


Christian Mommy Writer said...

I heard about this on The View. Apparently, some people thought that it would encourage younger girls to get pregnant since they market to a younger audience. I say that's nonsense cause pregnant women want to look nice too! I know that I had a hard time finding cute maternity clothes when I was pregnant. I lived in Motherhood Maternity cause it was the only store in my area that sold maternity clothes.

South Loop Social Light said...

That's definitely a reach.

Forever21 is a store that appeals to women of every age. Sometimes they look for any reason to jump on something.

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