Aug 8, 2010

Day 6: Rise and Shine

While many were watching the back of their eyelids (or trying to beat the sunrise home), I started my Saturday morning sweating away at a 6am workout. I've been managing to wake up 3 days a week for early morning sessions with my trainer the last month.... slowly but surely transforming me into a morning person.

Feeling energized from my workout, I decided to tackle this leave-in conditioner recipe I found on YouTube (blog to follow). I spent the next 2 hours running around the valley trying to find a Whole Foods store that actually had Kinky Curly Knot Today in stock, as it was a key part of the leave-in recipe. Also on my list of products to buy was a good clarifying shampoo. I opted for Aubrey Organics J.A.Y. Desert Herb Revitalizing Shampoo (I'll be blogging about my results).

Next up? Actually doing my hair. I didn't have any plans so I opted to lounge around the house with my flat twists in. I don't know about other naturals out there, but I refuse to leave the house with my hair twisted. I've actually thought about going to an African Salon and having them add some hair to create longer twists like this ---->

The rest of my day/night was rounded out with laundry (which takes me weeks to do... a shame, I know), real estate talk with my mom, hours of HGTV and skype with my husband.

What did you do with your weekend?

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ANGELINA said...

I feel the same about wearing twists outside...I just can't do it! I'm working on it though. I've been trying updoes and pin-ups with twists and they don't look so bad.

I hope you like the leave-in. I've been using Kimmaytube's Leave-In for almost two months and I love it. My hair feels so moisturized and the mix is easy to make (and her recipe is good for two uses for me). Please let us know how you like it :)

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