Aug 19, 2010

N♥tural Hair Update

As I prep for my 2nd Brazilian Blowout today, I was looking back on how much progress I've made since I did my big chop in February. Seriously, I had no clue how much my hair had grown out!!! More importantly, I can't believe my hair was SO short. Like, I seriously had my husband cut my relaxed ends off in the bathroom... that was crazy! I must admit that I'd never do that again. Hell, I barely want to trim my ends lol... but I wanted to encourage other naturals out there that the big chop really is liberating (though kinda scary) and your hair DOES grow back out. I guess I hadn't been paying much attention to the length but we'll see how much growth I've had once I get it straightened and the ends trimmed.

March 2010

August 2010


Bombchell said...

your hair is super pretty. wow u sure have new length.

oh gosh my hair couldnt handle the Brazilian hair salon. at first it felt great then I realized how damages it made my hair. :( my hair might be a sissy though, cuz it can't even take a dye or rinse lol

South Loop Social Light said...

It's actually not a Brazilian salon, but the official Brazilian Blowout treatment... but it's actually healthy for your hair as it acts like a conditioning treatment.

Mrs. Denga said...

Looking good!

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