Aug 23, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Results on Natural, African American hair: Round 2 Part I

Last week I headed to Apricot Lounge Salon for my 2nd Brazilian Blowout and once again I was blown away by the results. Since everyone loves a good photo comparison, below you'll see the progress my hair has made since my 1st blowout in March and the 2nd blowout I received last week, in August. Both photos were taken the same day after my blowouts were done.

I'm not someone that is length obsessed but it was pretty cool seeing how much my hair had grown. More than the growth, I was impressed at the actual health of it. I hadn't had my ends trimmed since my 1st blowout in March and I didn't need to have much taken off. Before I even get into the whole process again, let me just say that this really did inspire me. Why? When I decided to go natural last year (or just stop relaxing) it was mainly because I didn't want to cough up the $ for a touch up and re-up on my summer weave lol. I planned on being a long term transitioner and cutting my hair wasn't on my radar. In February while my husband and I were on his Air Force Base I found myself feeling irritated with the 2 textures (and slightly spontaneous) and had him cut the relaxed ends off in the bathroom... with basic, dull scissors you keep laying around the house lol. Yes, it was a mess but in that moment it was exactly what I wanted to do. I'm going on a bit of a tangent... but this is all to say that when I cut my hair and saw how short it really was, I NEVER thought it would grow out. Adding to my frustration, I remember seeing tons of pics online of curly heads that were full and gorgeous and fighting the urge to have curl envy. It sounds ridiculous but I thought it'd take forever for my hair to grow back.

When I was younger I had hair all the way down my back, but when the relaxers started the length disappeared and as an adult I never thought my hair would grown longer that 6 inches or so. The idea that ALL of the hair in the above picture is from growth I've experienced since May 2009 blows me away. Maybe some people don't find that cool, but for someone that never thought their hair would grow for real, the proof is in the photos. In the past 14 months my hair has grown out to the length that it was when I would get it relaxed and I'm in heaven. I think I was thrown off because in it's curly state my hair grows out and not down so I was always clueless to the length. I know some naturals swear by it, but measuring my hair seemed a little intense so comparing these photos was the first time I realized how much progress I had made.

I have so much info to cover regarding the Brazilian Blowout that I'll be breaking it into various postings this week. Stay tuned!


madphaedra said...

I have a few friends I'm sharing this with. We have a mutual friend who owns a salon and has been encouraging them to try this. Your hair look beautiful!

South Loop Social Light said...

Everyone is skeptical of new treatments out there... especially when there's a hefty cost associated with them. This is definitely something I'm thrilled to have and love sharing with other people. I'll be posting about it all week... it was WAY too much information for one post... so check back and you'll see pics of the curls as well as a breakdown for how they actually do the treatment.

Mrs. Denga said...

Great progress. That's one of my hang ups. Not knowing what kind of progress you are making because in it's curly state, the hair tends to look the same. I haven't put any heat in my hair since April and I am hoping that by December, I will be able to be in awe of the progress I've made.

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Mrs. Denga - Definitely take pictures because it really does help to show how far you've come. I never measured my hair and all I could really tell was that it was getting bigger, but when it's straight you can see exactly where the growth is going.

EA said...

Thanks to you, I ventured to have the Brazilian Blowout done on my hair on Friday, my hair is pretty kinky, kind of like the texture of the lady with brownish hair color in your post on 3.09.2010. I was lucky enough to snag a Groupon for a salon offering the treatment for $175 (a steal! love Groupon!). I must say that my hair came out soft, little to no breakage and my curl was definitely loosened, but not as much as the pictures you shared. Then when it came to the straigntening, it did not get sily straight like yours, I thought perharps because the stylist was not used to doing my kind of hair texture (truly the hairstylist was clueless, the look on hair face was enough). After using a flat iron, it still looked like a blowdry poof and I was hesitant to let her use high heat to fry my hair. The next day I used my own flat iron at home and still no silky straight hair. Ah well. I love my hair anyhow, so I'm just wearing it in it's loosened curl texture. I am not sure if I would do this again, especially for a full price. We shall see!

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my experience because you were my main motivation!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ EA - Sorry you didn't have the same experience as me. I must say that the stylist I go to is Black and does black hair (relaxed and natural) so she was already familiar with my hair texture and how to care for it.

I'd recommend investing in a round brush for achieving the straight looks, as well as a blow dryer with a concentration nozzle. You want to make sure you're using non-sulfate products (Moroccan Oil has a good line) too. You should make an appt with a black salon to have them do a wash and style for you and see if they're able to get the straight look you might be desiring. In the future, groupon is cool, but make sure you're sticking to stylists that are familiar with black and natural hair.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Your hair has grown so much! It's really pretty. Thanks for sharing

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