Aug 26, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Q & A

I've been OD'ing on Brazilian Blowout posts this week so I promise this will be the last one. I've been getting a ton of questions from people and just wanted to answer a few things in one place to make it a bit easier.

Q. Is this a chemical process?
A. Yes, this is a chemical process, however... unlike relaxers and texturizers the Brazilian Blowout does not contain any harsh chemicals (like formaldehyde), nor does it penetrate your hair shaft. Thus, there is no permanent change to your hair texture.

Q. Is this like other keratin treatments out there?
A. My first inclination is to say no. Please don't get this confused with the Brazilian Keratin treatment which contains formaldehyde as well as have a 4 day wait period after the treatment. A fellow natural blogger, Mane and Chic, blogged about her experience with the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. To my knowledge, the Brazilian Blowout is the only one out there not consisting of a wait period* after the treatment.
*wait period consists of 72 - 96 hrs where you aren't able to wet hair or use any hair ties, etc. This is considered the "processing" time.

Q. How long do results last?
A. Results last anywhere from 12 weeks to 5 months. The treatment coats each strand of hair, slowly wearing away as you wash. Depending on the frequency that you wash your hair, this treatment can last a longer or shorter amount of time. My 1st Brazilian Blowout I co-washed my hair probably 3 times a week and shampooed (sulfate-free) once a week. My results lasted about 3 months. This time I'm making a conscious effort to only co-wash once a week and shampoo as needed.

Q. Is this only for those that want to wear their hair straight?

A. Definitely not! The beauty with the Brazilian Blowout is that you can style your hair curly or straight from the moment you leave the salon. So far (aside from when I first got my 2nd Brazilian Blowout done) I've been wearing curly styles.

Q. Is this treatment right for me?
A. It depends on what results you're looking to achieve. I think it's important to do your research as everyone has different goals in mind. If you're someone that is not looking to experience any change in your current curl pattern, this is not for you. While the Brazilian Blowout does not cause any permanent changes to your curl pattern, you will notice a temporary loosening of the curls. For me, I love the look I get from the blowout. Some people don't want to see any changes in their curls.

Q. I found a salon that does it... now what?
A. Make sure to search salons that are certified to perform the official Brazilian Blowout via their website (click here). Next, make sure the salon is familiar with black hair. There are many salons that are certified to perform the treatment but are clueless as to what to do with natural hair so you can have success in one area and then screw yourself in the other.

If you're in Arizona, I recommend going to Apricot Lounge Salon. Co-owner Kim Allison is my stylist and has performed tons of Brazilian Blowouts. You can call the salon and schedule a consultation to go over your hair goals/expectations and see if this is the right treatment for you.

Q. How much does this cost?

A. Prices can range from $250 - $400. The Brazilian Blowout isn't available over the counter or online so this isn't something you can play kitchen beautician with. If you want to get it done you'll need to shell out the cash to have it done professionally. It's not cheap so make sure you do your homework and put the time into researching things. I believe you get what you pay for.

I just want to stress that I am only one person speaking about my experience with the Brazilian Blowout treatment. I can only vouch for the treatment I experienced performed by Kim Allison at the Apricot Lounge Salon. If you want to receive results similar to mine I'd say go to Kim lol. However, this isn't realistic for those living outside of Arizona so be sure to do your research. Ask to have a consultation with any potential stylist, ask questions and see pictures. I did my research and came prepared with questions when I had my consultation with Kim earlier this year. I also saw tons of photos of clients she had performed the treatment on, paying special attention to those with natural hair. Everything isn't for everyone so just because I had success with this doesn't necessarily mean it's a fit for you.

I think that answers everything but again, if you have more questions feel free to ask away!

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