Aug 24, 2010

Day 22: Smile 101

We all have things that bug us out, but wanna know what really gets under my skin? The thing that grinds my gears and drives me bonkers? Bad teeth! And not just any bad teeth... I'm talking about celebs that have tons of money and the access to world class dentists, yet due to whatever reason insist on having their mouths resemble a highway pile up. More specifically, those that have neglected bottom rows that look like urban warfare.

Some of the top offenders of this are Matt Lauer and Will Ferrell. Those 2 have bottom rows that give Jaws a run for his money... they're awful! I don't understand why people that have the $ to perfect their smiles consistently avoid the dentist. It's not enough to have a nice top row... when you're speaking people can focus on the bottom as well.

Sometimes you can't just smile with your eyes you actually need to rely on, well... your smile! If you're looking for something to splurge on why not start with your mouth. There's no better investment than your grill.

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