Nov 19, 2009

He got knocked the F*CK out...

I was watching MTV's "The Ruins" last night and witnessed the fight between Darrell and Brad. I actually like both of these guys and was surprised that they fought... definitely the result of drinking too much alcohol and being in closed quarters. Anyways, I was SHOCKED at the aftermath of the fight. I mean, Darrell probably hit Brad about 4 times tops... and when you see the end result... my GOD!!! I didn't think someone's face could swell up that fast!

His eye was insanely swollen! He looked like a freak of nature

Then the producers cleaned him up a bit for his exit interview

Darrell's face was spotless. Brad didn't manage to lay a finger on him


ANGELINA said...

Brad got beat up!!! I was so surprised when I saw that! I was cheering for Darrell to win too :( That was a $30,000 fight!

South Loop Social Light said...

The way he was gushing blood and his eye was on instant swole status was a shocker! I can't believe that Brad started some shit like that... nor can I believe that Darrell walked away from $30k.

Ladybug said...

dayuuuuuum! for some reason i always thought Darrell had some hoe in him, but he def proved me wrong. Brad was beyond slapped! dude was slurring so bad. i need to watch this episode asap!

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