Nov 2, 2009

Halloween Recap

My name is Ishea and I got caught up in the hype of Halloween '09. I bought 3 costumes, 1 pair of fangs and had big plans of partying non-stop. That all came crashing to a halt when I realized that the strep throat I'd been fighting all week was not going to leave in time for the weekend.

Friday night I put my fatigue aside, threw on my Gossip Girl/Naughty School Girl outfit and headed to The Shrine for their Halloween Soul party. It was free before 1030p and my boyfriend and I made it in time by sheer luck. Once the clock struck 10:31p they started charging $20 and despite having DJ Mick Boogie, it was definitely NOT worth $20. The night featured tons of old school music (almost TOO much), a soul train line, and a decent amount of partygoers in costume... but I won't lie.. I could've easily stayed home and got rest.

The remainder of my weekend was spent relaxing with my boyfriend and his family in the 'burbs. We did drag ourselves out of the house last night to see Paranormal Activity and... ummm... yeah... SAVE YOUR $. This movie was definitely NOT scary. While it had its moments that'd make you jump, the same could've been achieved by watching an episode of A Haunting on Discovery.

I'm writing this blog post exhausted and ready to curl up in a ball and get some rest...but on a positive note, I have my costumes already for the next 2 Halloweens!!!

Hope Everyone had a great holiday weekend...

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