Nov 4, 2009

Zara: Michigan Ave

Despite missing the Zara: Michigan Ave store opening due to being sick, I headed up there today to see what all the hype was about. If you're unfamiliar with the Zara brand picture H&M having an older, slightly more grown up sister store with a heftier price tag. The best way to sum up the fashion would be a quote from my friend and fellow blogger sexyandthechi:

"The stuff is cute, but I can always get it cheaper or splurge for the real thing. I like their stuff, but something makes me not buy it. I hate expensive cheap clothes. Either be cheap or expensive."

Those are my sentiments exactly. While their clothes are undeniably nice, I think they're reaching on the price. The "Zara Woman" line on the first floor is outrageously priced. I wasn't sure what kind of store I was in because though the quality was there, a designer name wasn't in sight. Umm... lower your prices, Zara... Your stuff is cute, but not THAT cute... and H&M is right down the street.

The 2nd floor featured that TRF line along with more ladies clothing. I liked the selection they had but wasn't compelled to buy anything. The prices are just not right. I think it's the place for higher end shoppers to get "steals" because I certainly wasn't feeling moved in there. If you're used to paying designer prices and turn your nose up to H&M, Zara is the perfect place for you. I must say that I did love some of their jackets. If they have a sale I may have to make an appearance, otherwise Zara will be off limits for me. I have no use in going in that store...

On another note, after leaving Zara I hopped the bus for a quick stop @ Sally's Beauty Supply. I love having a discount card and picking up fun stuff to make my heart smile. I got some new nail polish (expect some nail art coming soon) along with various sized perm rods so I can play around with the CurlyNikki Twist-n-Curl!!! Zara was a bust but I found a way to make it worthwhile...

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T said...

Hmmm.... Zara definitely wasn't like this is Spain (where they're based) or France. It really reminded me of H&M, like the stuff on the first floor was a bit of a stretch, but always good on sale and you can find the basics for the low.

The quality is good too. I have stuff from there, that I've had since 2002 when I went to spain and it's still fab.

I'm glad I read this though. I've had stage fright about going in there because I was afraid it wasn't going to be as fabulous as I remember and you've proven me right.

At least now I know what I'm walking into.

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