Nov 10, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition (mini rant)

Newsflash Blue Line riders: Chips do not count as a breakfast food!!

This morning I was tormented as the lady behind me devoured her sour cream and cheddar chips... the constant rustling of her bag making its way thru my headphones, making me contemplate ways to choke her out. On top of that she licked her fingers like it was the last supper and proceeded to touch everything in sight. *gag* Has she not heard of H1n1?? She's for sure gonna catch the monster. This is like the umpteenth time I've seen people eating chips for breakfast (the last time was flaming hots) and I'm just like lord Jesus, take the wheel!!!

1 comment:

T said...

I should start doing a CTA segment. The thing is writing about it makes me angry and I'm trying to cut down on the anger, so maybe I won't.

I do enjoy yours though. My pet peeve is people applying make-up on the CTA. Now they have germy bum juice in their mascara. And make-up is hard to disinfect, once it's in there it's in there.

Last thing, a friend of mine mentioned that he wanted to study the effects of salt and sugar on a child's development (i.e. eating chips, candy and drinks, not juice, drinks for breakfast daily). He thinks there is a direct correlation between the lack of academic performance of children at the poverty level and their breakfast choices.

The people on the train probably won't get his dissertation memo. *sigh*

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