Nov 19, 2009

Abortion: Always a Woman's Choice

A minor rant:

Abortion, politics and religion are topics that people rarely change their stance on, therefore we end up debating for the sake of hearing our own voice or trying to prove a point. This is just my little rant.

Whether the result of rape, failed birth control or just not wanting to be a parent, I think that at the end of the day abortion is a woman's choice. I don't feel anyone has the authority to dictate what someone can and cannot do with their body. People have numerous reasons for having an abortion and the idea that a man can put into effect laws that govern how a woman can and cannot handle matters that are exclusive to her... it baffles me.

I think that people should invest money into sex education and parents should actually have conversations with their kids about sex instead of being delusional to the fact that their teens, younger and younger nowadays are spreading their legs and dropping their pants to experience something they may or may not be ready for. I feel everyone can do their part to educate those around them to not be in the unfortunate position of having to choose because it's not an easy choice... but I believe 100% in not bringing an unwanted child into the world. It's not the 1700s...we have options.


The Fresh Man said...

You’re right we all have options: Like abstaining from sex, use of condoms and birth control. I am so tired of people (both women and men) trying to justify what is wrong. Abortion is wrong.

With that said I do agree with parts of your rant. The government should invest more into sex education. Not just teaching abstinence but also teaching safe sex.

Coleen said...

People tend to go the pro-life route for religious reasons. The Bible does say 'Thou shall not kill' but God also gave us all the power to make choices for ourselves and for that reason I believe everyone should have the right to choose... always an interesting discussion topic.

South Loop Social Light said...

I don't think religion has anything to do with it. I truly believe that people should have the right to do with their body what they'd like. On top of that, there are so many religions out there that when basing your laws off of just one of them you can run into so many conflicts.

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