Nov 20, 2009

A world of great guys hiding behind bad hair and outdated clothes...

Thursday's episode of the Oprah show featured husbands that seemed to be stuck in a time warp full of bad hair and clothes and in need of a fashion intervention. I was astonished at how tragic some of these men looked before Tim Gunn was able to get his hands on them and show them the light, fashion wise. Be it ill-fitting jeans, old Bill Cosby sweaters, or hair that looked more biblical than 2009, these men all had issues and needed help.

During the course of the show I noticed that once cleaned up these men all looked pretty good. It became a running joke when Oprah pointed out how excited the wives seemed and how everyone would be having a "good night" later on. Judging by the transformations these guys underwent the panties were for sure going to be getting thrown their way.

Another thing that stood out in my mind was how easy it was to clean up a guy. I hear tons of women complaining about the lack of decent men out there and I think they aren't completely tapping into all of the resources we have. If you meet a great guy give him a chance... the core is what's important. You can always polish a man and get him to wear what you feel accentuates his assets. It's kind of like reupholstering your favorite piece of a furniture or refinishing kitchen cabinets... the surface is easy to change. You can work with a sweet guy that wears lame clothes but you can't change a wack personality. In all honesty though, there are so many amazing guys out there and we hold ourselves back from possibly meeting the man of our dreams because of trivial stuff.

On a different note, after the makeovers I could see the personality overhaul these guys encountered... they all had their swag turned on high! I couldn't help but to eye their wives and think that all of the husbands looked WAY better. Hopefully their makeover would encourage the women in their lives to step their game up too. In relationships it's easy for both people to get stuck in a rut.

Before and Afters:







Russell originally received a makeover from Oprah in 1990 which admittedly was awful. In an attempt to make it up to Russell 19 years later, Oprah did a redo.


E's said...

I cracked up on the commercial of that last one. LOL. But it's true, you're swag (that word is getting played) goes up when you look good.

But men should have a consistent swag (that word again) all the time.

Ladybug said...

i didn't see the whole episode but i caught the last 3 makeovers. tim and the makeover team def worked their magic. josh looks just like Jesus with that beard lol!

on a side note though, good post. it's pretty relevant to my situation. although i've noticed that the last couple times i've seen K he's looked real nice. i'd love to go shopping with him though and pick out stuff lol :)

South Loop Social Light said...

Haha. He really DID look like Jesus. I laughed when Oprah said he had a "biblical" look.

T said...

These transformations are awesome!

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