Nov 23, 2009

McDonald's Fail

Mickey D's hits the spot for millions of people around the world. My personal favorite is the Filet 'o Fish sandwich. This thing is so scrumptious and hits the spot every time. I was craving it last week and decided to head downstairs from my job and grab the fishy delight. However, I was thoroughly disappointed to receive this poor excuse for a sandwich. On top of having a baby slice of cheese it was basically nuked onto the bread. I was pretty grossed out. Are times so rough that we can't even get a full slice of cheese? I mean damn! It's safe to say this was the last time I ate at McDonald's. File this one under #EpicFail.


Ladybug said...

i'm with u on that. it's funny i had mcdonald's too today. i was on some fat shit and ate a 6 pc nugget first THEN started on my filet-o-fish and fries. it just didn't do it for me today. not to mention a nasty ass fly landed on my fries, which prematurely ended my lunch.

South Loop Social Light said...

Damn. That's the worst... I love when their fries are super hot and fresh! Yum

GorgeousPuddin said...

Don't give up on the Filet o fish it is my fav as well. ask for it to be freshly cooked no sauce. Then ask for sauce on the side once you get your sandwich a slight hassle for a hot sandwich

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