Nov 10, 2009

Hair Update

Since transitioning in May/June '09 I've become a product junkie. Hours and hours spent scouring natural hair sites had me feeling overwhelmed with info on which conditioners, creams and oils to use. It was seriously making my head spin. Throw in the mix all the stuff about "bad" ingredients and I was a lost cause. I didn't get why caring for what was supposed to be my natural hair seemed like this big task. For goodness sakes, it's growing naturally from my head, it should be fairly easy. Plus, I managed to care for relaxed hair which is very high maintenance, in my opinion, in comparison to going natural so I felt like I should have things under control.

When the weather changed I started realizing that my summer routine wouldn't work. Instead of co-washing with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut and leaving in Aussie Moist, I'd have to go back to my tried and true Organic Root Stimulator. I absolutely LOVE their Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo which is fantastic @ cleansing my hair. Just as the package states, it removes calcium build-up, restores moisture and gently cleans and neutralizes. Their Replenishing Conditioner was previously only available in 1 oz packs but I'm thrilled to announce that they're now offering it in a12.25 oz bottle!!! This stuff is divine and does wonders on my hair. I don't use this for co-washing but instead as a deep condition once a week.

In more exciting hair news, I was able to get some free samples from Carol's Daughter Friday night. I'll be trying out their Hair Milk, Loc Butter and Some of Marguerite's Magic. I can't wait to give everyone an update on how it works for me...

sidebar: BGLH Online has started featuring lovely naturals when they were kids. I wanted to include a few shots of me when I was a little girl rocking puffs and dookie braids lol...

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