Nov 7, 2009

Love @ 1st sight

As I was passing by the T-Mobile store yesterday I caught sight of what appeared to be a white blackberry curve. I got a bit excited but was in a rush and unable to do a double take. Well, after ridding my pc of all the viruses that had plagued it earlier today (I can't wait until I get a macbook) I moseyed on over to their website and confirmed things. I've since fallen head over heels in love with the new blackberry curve!

I'm not under contract with Sprint anymore so I may have to jump ship and go back to T-Mobile. The one thing I can say about them in that for over 2 years, my bill was the SAME PRICE EVERY MONTH!!! Sprint has never done that... but if sprint can step things up a bit and get the white curve I'll be in heaven.

I know that lots of people are over the curve, but really this is my favorite umm... yeah. You can keep the bold and tour.
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