Nov 9, 2009

Cluster F*ck

1. I'm still obsessed with Electrik Red. I don't know if it's because they're pretty, outgoing girls that can dance their butts off and hold a note... or having hit maker The-Dream write their entire debut album making it full of hits... but I can't get enough of these fab 4 chicas. Browsing Youtube I was able to catch their performance at Pace University's Homecoming and they did a great job. Check out Naomi's hot outfit. I need that top in my life!!! Not sure if I'd be doing too much, but yeah... it's worth a shot.

2. Nicki Minaj - Okay... so I barely listen to the radio, EVER... so I was really late on figuring out who this chick was. What I can say is that she has a great shape, love the strong bang and signature pinked out barbie look! I also adore her makeup game. She screams MAC girl to me and I love all things Mac Cosmetics. I've been watching a few of her interviews and I think she's a cool chick. Will I run out and buy her cd? Probably not... but I wouldn't bootleg it either. Maybe I'll luck up and a friend will have a legit copy that I can copy. lol...

3. After my facebook rant on black men and relationships the other day, it was suggested to me that I check out Mad Men on AMC. I was able to watch a few episodes of season 3 On Demand and got sucked in. I once had a married friend tell me that his life resembled the Chris Rock movie, "I think I love my wife". Well, if I was able to speak to that friend today I'd tell him to watch Mad Men because he may relate to that show too. Working long, hard days in business suits... coming home to have your daily martini, carrying on an affair... all of that can be found in Mad Men. I was surprised that this show, based in the 1960s, was able to capture me, but the writing and acting is on point. I think the bf is going to buy the 1st and 2nd seasons so I can catch up.

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