Nov 20, 2009

N♥tural Hair Update: Playing w/ Perm Rods

Wednesday night I decided to experiment with the perm rods I had bought from Sally's a few weeks ago. Thru trial and error I had realized I couldn't put my wet hair in the rods since I didn't have a hooded dryer to sit under... nor could I try and sleep with them on b/c it resulted in a hot ass mess lol. Getting creative, I tried blowing out my hair and then using the rods and ended up liking the results. I must say that I wasn't trying to achieve a super straight look with my roots so I didn't flat iron before using the rods. I was aiming for something similar to what Tracee Ellis Ross rocks... full, slightly puffy curls. In my world the bigger the hair the better! It took me about 20 mins to roll my hair and I ended up sleeping with a silk scarf over my pillow. I actually think this will be a go-to winter style for me since I can achieve the volume and fullness I crave without my wet hair having to battle the cold.

I used different sized perm rods throughout my hair

The Results: Big hair with some curls. I didn't want perfection, but to have fluffy, slightly puffy curls! Big hair gives me life. This was my first time trying this style so I'm looking forward to perfecting it...

Tracee Ellis Ross was my inspiration and of the many styles she wears, I had the one pictured below in mind.

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