Nov 16, 2009

Champagne Wishes, Rolex Dreams

From previous posts everyone could tell that I was stoked about getting the Michael Kors "rolex in training" gold on gold watch. After venturing into Macy's and seeing it up close and personal, I felt crushed that it was nothing like the pictures. Online the watch seemed sleek and sophisticated and in person it was just big and awkward... more like a clunker than a classic. Always able to save the day with some good advice, sexyandthechi was able to point me in the direction of Citizen's watches. I combed thru their site & came across 3 new contenders in hopes of making my dreams of having a "baby rolex" a bit closer to coming true.

1. Eco-Drive WR100
Model: EW1242-52P

2. Silhouette Sport
Model: EW1262-55P

3. Eco-Drive
Model: EW3152-95P
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