Nov 16, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition

I'm used to the train having delays and sometimes sitting at a stop for a few minutes, but Friday night it was outrageous. I could tell something was up when my blue train headed towards Forest Park was sitting at the UIC/Halsted stop for what seemed like forever. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a man walking around inspecting each car from the platform. He was moving fairly quickly but I thought I saw a gun on his hip. Seeing as how I'm not in Arizona where it's legal to carry a firearm I was hoping he was a cop...and not some sketchtastic man on a mission. The next thing I know I saw another cop...then another...and yet another... 20 mins and 20 cops later, my boyfriend and I were still sitting on the train and waiting as the police conducted an "investigation" on what the CTA operator described as an "urban crime" lol. Umm... What the hell is an urban crime? Well, the cops proceeded to sweep each car of the train and I sat there and watched as 2 people, a man and a woman, were pulled out. I'm assuming that they had drugs or something on them because they were being searched and the cops were using their flashlights to see if anything had been dropped underneath the train. It was so random to have that happen while I was on the blue line, but I'm glad my bf was there with me... and that it was at the UIC/Halsted stop so I could use my cellphone. Way too much action for a Friday night.

On a different note, I drove down 71st st. on my way to Midway airport last night and can I just say that the overwhelming amount of little dope boys on the corners was astonishing! Seriously, anyone that braves 71st st west of the Dan Ryan needs a freaking medal (or a gun) because it wasn't anything nice. It's shocking to see how lost some of our youth are... or did they never even have a chance *sigh*.
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