Nov 8, 2009

Love is in the air...

I'm watching the wedding special on E! for Khloe and Lamar and let me say that I find it so touching that they were able to have their love story documented. It wasn't this unrealistic walk in the park - - she has a brutally honest family and us viewers were able to see the ups and downs that come along with love at first sight and quickie marriages. Maybe because I'm in love right now, but it just seems like everywhere you turn people are moving forward with their lives and I'm loving it. One of my great friends is newly engaged, another is expecting twins, and I'm thrilled that we're all growing up and loving to the fullest. *sigh* life is just great... lol

Moving on... I'm still sitting here with my jaw ajar @ the size of Khloe's ring. I mean, she married a NBA player... a Laker at that so I'm not shocked that it's big... but DAMN!!!!

(sidebar: I had no clue who Lamar Odom was before he married Khloe. My mom still calls him "the guy that married Khloe" lol...)

Back to the ring - - it's 12.5 carats of breathtaking beauty!!! Words don't really do it any justice so I'll just let you all stare at the pics.


Catherine said...

The ring is ridunculous!! I would need round the clock security to wear that. I am glad she didn't go overboard with her wedding ring. It's very small and highlights the bigger ring:-)

South Loop Social Light said...

Her ring is gorgeous. I sat around wondering if Kim was having ring envy. I don't think Reggie is going to be able to plop that down on her hand... and we all know Scott is too random and not about to give Kourtney anything like that. Man, Lamar knew how to come out the gate right. Who would've thought Khloe would be the one getting wifed up like this!!! I love it.

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