Nov 20, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition

I've been hearing for a while now that I needed to make the switch from the standard CTA fare card to the Chicago Card Plus. It took some time (over a year) but I finally made the change and let me just say that it's made a world of difference.

No longer do I have to fumble around with my fare card, hoping I insert it correctly and don't hold up the line. With a simple tap I'm able to enjoy all of the perks of having the CTA chauffeur me around the city. Another highlight is having my 30 day pass automatically reloaded every month!! I'm looking forward to not hustling to get a pass every week. Geez, I really wish I would have done this sooner. I'd urge everyone to definitely get the Chicago Card Plus if you haven't done so already. It's an amazing feature that the CTA offers.


Aramide said...

I totally agree with you! I've had my Chicago Card Plus since I moved to Chicago 3 years & I absolutely love it! Welcome to the club!

South Loop Social Light said...

I wish I would've gotten my card a lot sooner. It makes my commute much easier.

E's said...

I was expecting to read one of your hobo tales:( Disappointed.

Ladybug said...

yay! you've finally converted. i love the new pic at the top of your page by the way :) you know how i ♥ SJP!

T said...

I love this card too. The best part is if you lose it, they replace it. Rather than being SOL if you lose a regular bus card.

Also, not sure if it loads through your job, but my company has a pre-tax benefit, so I don't have to pay taxes on my transporation. It's an awesome, awesome benefit. if your company offers it, definitely take advantage.

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