Nov 4, 2009

Dear Santa...

Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks and with that will come black Friday. This year I'm excited about giving gifts just as much as receiving them... and I thought it a great idea to compile my list of "must have" items.

1. Leading the way is the new MacBook. I am a sucker for the white color and after a trip to Best Buy I was able to play with all of the cool functions. I like my HP but have grown tired of the constant spyware, spam and system meltdowns. I'm happy to be making the switch from a pc to a Mac!!!

2. Dvds!! The winter makes me a homebody and I plan on overdosing on my favorite series: The Tudors, Gossip Girl, and Sex and The City.

3. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Round Goldtone Watch - This watch is the most cost effective way to satisfy my yearning for a rolex. It's a great quality timepiece that won't break the bank but still provide the sleek, classic look that I love.

4. Parisienne by YSL is the newest perfume to tickle my nose with delight. I'm in love with the hints of blackberry, damask rose and sandalwood. Sensual and flirty, this is sure to be my fragrance of choice for 2010.

5. Gadgets to help me step up my blog are on the short lists for 2010. A camcorder, audio recorder and more professional camera (nicer canon or nikon) are sure to aid me in creating better content for my blog... which I'd love to do more with in the coming year.

Throw in a few magazine subscriptions (Allure, Elle, etc) and I'm good to go for this holiday season. What does everyone have on their wish list?
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