Oct 20, 2009

I'm turning into my mother...

Growing up my mother's signature look was red nails, red lips and Estee Lauder "Beautiful" perfume. Decked out in a hat,Via Spiaga shoes and a Chanel purse, she was able to navigate boardrooms and charity events with ease. I always thought of her as very glamorous and wondered if I would be like that when I grew up.

As I walked by the mirror yesterday, I caught a glimpse of my reflection and realized that with each passing day I'm starting to become more and more like my mother. I was decked out in pearl earrings with red lips and red nails to match!

I was always afraid to wear red lipstick and red nail polish - - hesitant that I was jacking my mother's style... and annoyed that I was turning into her. lol... but I must say that the "Viva Glam I" lipstick I picked up from MAC Thursday night is on point. I've crossed over to the dark side and am now hooked on matte, red lips! I think everyone should rush over to the nearest MAC counter and make red lips a part of your fall wardrobe.
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