Oct 26, 2009

Bacardi Flavor Exchange

The rainy weather wasn't enough to stop me from heading out to the West Loop on Thursday night. The promise of free drinks, free fun, and free drinks (did I already mention that? lol) lured me to the Randolph Studios for Bacardi's Flavor Exchange. After a slightly wet wait in line, guests were told to sign a release form and then given access to the event.

The top floor featured the "China Room" and Bacardi stations where you could create your own drinks!!! Now, some may have seen this as a lazy way to provide guests with alcohol, but I was thrilled to make my own custom creations!!! I topped off the Bacardi DragonBerry with Mango and Pineapple juice... literally having it sing to my soul. Seriously, this was some good stuff. In addition to multiple Nintendo Wii games set up throughout the event, there was the ActionBooth photo lounge. This was one of the highlights of the event as I'd never seen a photo set up like this before. I had a blast getting the coveted action shot with my friends. (check out the China Room ActionBooth photos here)

The lower level was a "Hip Hop" blast from the past full of old school favorites like Nintendo's Double Dribble and Double Dutch. I saw quite a few women kick off their stilettos and act like a kid again jumping rope... and even one that kept her shoes on and had an unfortunate slip. Bacardi Limon was set up with an old school twist - - a sno cone station. It was a really yummy, refreshing treat. Adding liquor to childhood favorites is a sure way tot make you smile. Another ActionBooth photo lounge was set up downstairs and gave partygoers an opportunity to capture the moment. (check out the Hip Hop Room ActionBooth photos here)

It's rare that you can have amazingly fun nights in Chicago without spending a dime. While the crowd was definitely mixed (there were a few too many guys wearing sunglasses... looking very Madison/Pulaski...) I think it was set up nicely. The entry was swift, the coat check effective, bars fully stocked, games a plenty, dj's on point, and the ActionBooth photo a pleasant surprise!! The next time an event like this comes into town please don't hesitate to send your rsvp... you definitely don't want to be left out in the cold (or rain).
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