Oct 20, 2009

Affordable vs Cheap

For quite some time now Forever 21 has been my go to place for affordable clothes. You can grab some accessories, a top, or a pair of shoes and instantly update your wardrobe... all without having sticker shock at the register. A'Gaci is the new kid on the block and hoping to steal a bit of the shine from stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. I ventured into their new State St. location to check it out and see what they had to offer and while I wish I had wonderful things to report, I don't. The store has a pretty good location, across the street from Ulta and Akira, and walking around the layout isn't too bad. However, the selection of clothes are very disappointing. Imagine if Wet Seal had a baby with Charlotte Russe, but with a fraction of the budget lol. I managed to find a few things to try on but was shocked to discover holes, rips or tears in everything! Damn, you don't even get a chance to wear it once or twice before it falls apart. I couldn't buy clothes, or recommend anyone else buy stuff, from here with a clear conscience.

All of this made me start to ponder the difference between affordable clothes (Forever21, H&M) and cheap clothes (A'Gaci, Wet Seal). I think I'm going to have to leave the cheap shit alone... go far, FAR away!!! It's toxic to my soul. Forever 21 is still going to be the top contender in my life. I'm not ready to shake those little yellow bags of goodness just yet. As for A'Gaci, I don't think the store completely sucks... but there are a plethora of options you can exhaust before having to venture inside.

**On a brighter note, I can say that A'Gaci is a great place to go for shoes. You can find a vast selection of Michael Antonio shoes ( like a watered down version of what you'd expect from Aldo) **
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