Oct 9, 2009

Last night a DJ saved my life...

I was unfamiliar with him prior to last night's event, but hats off to DJ Clinton Sparks for doing an amazing job on the 1s & 2s. Not only did he manage to finesse the GQ Magazine/Heineken crowd with hits old and new, but his energy and delightful personality radiated both inside and outside the dj booth.

The event featured regular and light drinks from Heineken and as a non-beer drinker I can say that it wasn't too bad. I managed to down 3 Heineken Lights and surprised myself at how easily they went down. Also note that at 99 calories/bottle, the light version is a guilt-free way to still enjoy a classic. I have no intention of making the change from tequila... but I've had my beer drinking cherry popped so I feel like I can blend in at a bar now - - but I'm still going to be in 4 inch stilettos!!

Aside from one extremely annoying guy that wouldn't stop hounding my girlfriend and I (he offered to buy us drinks... 5 times .... but all the drinks were free *blank stare*) and a random appearance by "Chicago Larry" (and his overly bedazzled camera) the night was a refreshing spin on what has become my typical Thursday night lineup of nonstop HGTV.


Karyn Brianne said...

Hmm...I'll take those boots! And, Chicago Larry can go sit his creeptastical self down! xoxo

South Loop Social Light said...

I kept trying to figure out who let him go crazy with that bedazzler gun!!! Jesus, please take the wheel.

The Fresh Man said...

SMH @ Chicago Larry...in my Flava Flav voice *Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*

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