Oct 28, 2009

Fashion 911 - #EpicFail

After coming down with strep throat and taking a day off work, I made my way back into the office today. Usually I could have tried working from home, but my computer decided to tap out of life last night and is officially out of commission (again... for like the 5th time this year). I swear I'm accepting donations towards the "Upgrade my life and get a MacBook" fund.

I woke up this morning not necessarily feeling any better, but able to function at 70% and tough it out in the office (I'm not contagious). I don't know if my fashion sense is totally warped right now or what, but for some reason I rationalized in my head that my rainbow bright on acid ensemble was really working. Boy oh boy was I wrong. I'd definitely be the subject of someone's #EpicFail twit pic if I was walking the streets in this get up.

Separately, all the pieces I'm wearing work... but when put together it's a cluster f*ck of confusion. I have on super cute OTK gray boots, electric blue tights, a bright yellow skirt, a mustard yellow sweater and a hot headband with the same electric blue as the tights. Now, in my defense I could've SWORE the sweater and skirt matched when I was getting dressed this morning... but when I saw them under the office lights I knew I was in for a rough day. I feel like the orphaned Punky Brewster!!! Someone needs to step in and play Capt. Save 'Em on my wardrobe because I really need the help. I think if I separated my "going out" clothes on one side of my closet from my "work" clothes it'd make things a lot easier. Right now, I work for a publishing company and our dress code is non-existent. Of course this makes my heart soar... but I look and feel so tragic today that I'm nominating myself for What Not to Wear asap. I'd take a picture of myself but even I have lines that I won't cross. lol...

I'm looking forward to heading back home in a bit and crawling back into my pjs and the bed. Hope everyone else is having a fashionable hump day!



Ladybug said...

if it makes you feel any better i'm suffering from a fashion blunder as well today. it resulted from my need to get that extra 30 mins in the bed this morning.

upon leaving my house and being in real light (i hate bright lights in the morning) i realized the black tights i'm wearing have multiple snags, lint and other weird defects. i opted to wear a skirt and tights today so i wouldn't have to iron anything. if i would've known they were this bogus i def wouldve spent the extra time to put on some pants lol.

South Loop Social Light said...

I'm going to have to start turning on the lights extra bright and getting the sleep out of my eyes in the morning. I can't afford to have days like this. lol

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