Oct 22, 2009

Gluteus to the Maximus!

Main Entry: bootylicious
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: sexually attractive, esp. in the buttocks
Etymology: booty + delicious
Usage: slang

For those that aren't blessed with any junk in the trunk, Bubbles Bodywear is coming to save the day. The company features everything from butt booster bands and "double-o panties" to booty bras and padded swim trunks for men. Everyone wants to have a big ass nowadays and Bubbles Bodywear is on the forefront of making that happen.

You should really check out the website because some of the photos are guaranteed to make you laugh!!!

Need to bring yourself up to speed with the Bubbles Booty Speak?

Butt Lifter Glossary

Double-O: Panties, briefs and full body shapers with holes cut out of the back that help push the cheeks "up" and "out" of the panty creating a perky, lifted effect. A collection invented by Bubbles Bodywear.

Pick-Me-Up: Great for those who like the Double-O but would feel more comfortable with more coverage over the rear. Similar to the Double-O, this buttock lifter "perkifies" the cheeks without padding. A thin layer of fabric covers each cheek.

Butt Boosters: Garter-style butt lifter. Works like a push-up bra for your booty, providing a little lift. Great for those who want no shaping at or over the hip.
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