Oct 8, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

I walked into the office today and was getting myself situated when it hit me, the feeling under my armpits felt... off. You should've seen the look of horror on my face as I realized I'd forgotten to put deodorant on this morning. It's not something that I typically forget to do but it has happened before. (This must be the reason my mom always keeps some deodorant in her purse - - then again, she's a mom and usually has just about anything that you could require on her at any given time). After doing a quick "pit check" I was able to let out a sigh of relief that my morning trek to the train station and then to work hadn't tested the ability of my Secret to keep mine. I was able to go to CVS and grab a travel size and get my life back on track. Yay for armpit protection.

In the event that I experienced another morning slip up, I decided to keep the deodorant in my desk. That brought me to another topic - - the dreaded "junk drawer" at work. I started examining the many trinkets and random ish piled high in my drawer. Do other people have a junk drawer at work? Right now I have migraine medicine, oatmeal, individual coffee packets, benadryl, a sewing kit, sugar, many magazine clip outs from my Winter 08 vision board, business cards, a million random papers and trail mix. Geez! I need to really get my situation under control.


T said...

Yeah... I'm a pack rat, so every drawer in my office is the junk drawer... (about 5) and I have two bookcases and the top of my desk tooks like a tornado stopped in.

What can I say: I work better with clutter.

BFrank84 said...

Yes I have a bottom drawer I JUST cleaned out....I am going to take a picture...I call it a survival drawer and I have a food kit (for emergency/ recession reasons lol)

Bottom drawrer: Travel Bag (deoderant, panty hose/trouser socks, toothbrush, toothbrush, tide stick) then there are four pair of shoes, linen brush and sewing kit

Food Kit: Two cans of Ravioli, three pack of cup of noodles, two cans of soda, three bags of chips, candy bag, and lysol wipes/spray....

My coworkers laugh at me but are the first ones in my cubicle when they hungry or have a sewing emergency *side eye*

South Loop Social Light said...

@BFrank - - Girl you have a shit load of stuff in your drawers!! I'm going to need to hit you up if I need something :) lol

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