Oct 19, 2009

Recessionista: Tick Tock

For some time now I've had dreams of grandeur of acquiring a gold rolex watch. It was timeless, classic and needed to be added to my life asap. My dreams came crashing back to reality when I eyed the price of a pre-owned rolex - - still costing $5k-$15k... well over my watch budget.

While browsing around online I came across a MICHAEL by Michael Kors watch and was thrilled that I could still get the design that I admired so much in the Rolex but at a great price without sacrificing any quality.

Gold Rolex - Thousands of dollars (pre-owned)
Michael Kors - Round Goldtone Watch - $180 (@ Bloomingdales)


Catherine said...

I like that watch. I was obsessed with a certain Freelook watch last year because it looked like a Cartier. I think I just need to make more money so I can afford what I want.

You think people will pay us money to host parties like the Kardashians. We can play sisters:-)

South Loop Social Light said...

At first my heart was so set on the rolex that I didn't even want to entertain the idea of anything else... but let's be real - - I'm not hood rich nor do I have thousands of dollars to spend on a watch, so I was happy to see the Michael Kors version. Plus, Michael Kors isn't exactly a hood operation... lol... so I can rock that watch with a smile on my face.

South Loop Social Light said...

Maybe they'll pay us to plan their parties. lol...

T said...

Oooh, you know how I feel about sales and discounts. The way I see it, the buying the Michael Kors watch is like getting 97% off the Rolex.

That's what's up!

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