Oct 26, 2009

Sticker Shock: My Sat night @ The Shrine

How much of your hard earned cash are you willing to part with all in the name of having a good time on a Saturday night? If outrageous cover and overpriced drinks don't scare you, make your way to The Shrine for what's sure to be an enjoyable Saturday night. Situated at 2109 S. Wabash St., The Shrine is the newest addition to the growing South Loop night life.

After the high I was riding from the Bacardi event on Thursday I wasn't in the mood to fork over tons of cash for a regular club on a regular night (no special guests/events). When I went this past Saturday I had the pleasure of going with my friend who works there so I didn't have to pay the cover... and thank God for that. Ladies can expect to pay $20 while men are being taxed a bit higher at $30. If you're used to paying cover and it's not a big deal, pay it because you can expect to have a good time.

The decor is nice, the club spacious, the air quality top notch (you won't sweat your hair out just standing around) and if DJ Timbuck2 is there (Tues/Sat) you can rest assured that your ears will be delighted (just an fyi - - he starts his set about 1am on Sat nights).

All my drinkers please be put on notice: The drinks, while good, are overpriced. I paid $13 cash for a Patron Margarita and was charged $16.80 (charged on my card) for the same Patron Margarita a few hrs later. Of course this bugged me out but I already had a nice buzz going on so I just paid for the drink. I made sure to make mental note to always pay cash in the future. If you're going to party @ The Shrine it'd be advisable for you to pre-drink. You'll run up a hefty tab trying to "get it in" at this spot.

Between the cover ($20/women, $30/men) 2 drinks ($25-$30) and the inevitable munchies you'll get after the club ($10-$15) you should be prepared to spend over $60. Most Chicagoans are used to dropping cash to have fun so it doesn't bother them, but my girlfriend told me of one couple that was in line and rationalized that the $50 cover for the two of them would be better spent on groceries. It's nice to see people operating with their thinking caps on.

On another note, I must warn everyone that the crowd on Saturday night is mixed. You will see the ( I don't know another word to use other than "ghetto" or "slightly hood") Gucci Mane loving, always have their shades on the in the club folks right along with the urban professionals. This wasn't really a problem because everyone seemed to have a dose of "act right" before they stepped out and things stayed calm... but I'm always hesitant to party with the Madison/Pulaski types. I just never know if some shit is about to pop off... but I digress.

If you're in search of something to do on a Saturday night, definitely put The Shrine on your list... just know what you're getting yourself into with the cover charge and drink prices. Some surprises are just no fun.

SIDE BAR: Don't be scared away by the plethora of constantly patrolling cops (the Harold Ickes projects used to be across the street) because the area is up and coming and relatively safe.
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