Oct 27, 2009

Hair Update - 5 months into my transition

When I was snapping pics of myself before heading to the Bacardi event last week I really had to pause and take notice of how my hair is transitioning. It makes me happy...

I've been transitioning back to my natural hair (no relaxers) since May/June '09. So far I'm 5 months into my transition and can finally see the progress my hair has been making! In addition to the growth, I'm starting to notice the different effects the changing season is having on my natural locks.

Whereas my hair would dry within an hour during the summer, the winter has caused my drying time to increase to a painstaking 4 hours or more!!! It really took me by surprise when I went all day and my hair was still moist. The madness... I've also learned that sleeping with my hair wet is a surefire way to cause unnecessary frizz. It may sound excessive, but I pretty much have to hop in the shower and twist my hair around 8p in order for it to be dry by the time I go to sleep and manageable the next morning. On the bright side, I'm loving the thickness that's sprouting from my roots!!! I get excited about the day it's long enough to have crazy, full Tracee Ellis Ross hair.

I think I'm going to experiment with some more conditioners and head over to Whole Foods and see what kind of oils/butters they have...

Any transitioning ladies out there? What have you all been experiencing with the fall/winter weather?
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