Oct 2, 2009

Retail Therapy

Last night I met up with a girlfriend after work to enjoy some much needed retail therapy! The rain couldn't stop us from braving the plethora of shops on State St. in search of all the things a girl loves - - shoes, clothes and bags!!! Nordstrom Rack proved to be a goldmine as I finally broke down and bought the black, leather OTK boots I had been eying for the last few days. My girlfriend was definitely my enabler, but the fact that I found a pair of boots to fit my calves and thighs excited me... and the price was a steal (under $100). I would also like to add that Nordstrom Rack is my go to store for jeans. They carry a wide variety and have decent prices. Another place I like to visit for the best selection in jeans and purses is Loehmann's. Skinny jeans should be in everyone's wardrobe for the fall so keep these two places on your list.

After Nordstrom Rack we made our way into H&M. I have to say that H&M always finds its way into my heart during the Fall/Winter season. Their great selection is only further complimented by their affordable prices. Think of it as a few steps above Forever21 and a few steps below expensive designer brands. The average consumer is able to get the quality w/o causing a major dent in their wallet. I fell in love with the funky assortment of tights they had on their lower level. My God!!! Tights are something that the fashion industry pushed Fall '08 so I'm behind on this trend, but I must say that I've made the switch from leggings to tights! They are my fun way to change up an outfit and in some cases make something season and work appropriate. I've always struggled with "dress code" in the workplace. In my defense, I work for a publishing company and we don't really have a dress code here, but I started noticing that my going out clothes and work attire no longer had a gray area between them - - they had become one. That's definitely NOT the business so one of my goals is to have my closet resemble a mullet: Business up front, party out back! I need to keep work and play separate.

After od'ing on colorful tights (royal blue, mustard yellow, etc) we headed to Forever21. No shopping trip is ever complete without browsing this retail giant. For some reason, Forever21 seems to always produce a top, skirt, or accessory that makes visiting the store worthwhile. This time I racked up on adorable basic skirts in black/gray, funky leggings, and a sweater. All of that for about $50. That's why folks love Forever21!!!

Next up on my list are these super cute gray, suede OTK boots I spotted that make my heart swoon. Again, I'm used to boots being tight on my calves (I have muscular calves - - great for stilettos... not so much for boots. My legs don't like to be caged lol) so when I tried these on and saw that they fit like a glove I was really happy.

Also, ironically, I'd like to add these Burberry rain boots into my fall/winter wardrobe. I was just discussing how tacky people can get with designer labels (burberry in particular) so it's kinda funny that I want these boots... but in my defense I've been obsessing over them since last winter and envisioned rocking them with all black (black is my favorite color).

Speaking of which, I'm thrilled that black has made a come back this season!!! I could honestly wear black every single day. I like to bring in pops of color via accessories and even my nail polish or eye makeup. Black is not only classy and sophisticated, but it has a real city-ness (is that a word?) to it. It makes me feel like I'm living out my life in the city and I love it!!!
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