Oct 10, 2009

Adler After Dark

If you thought you had seen everything at the Adler Planetarium, think again. Thursday, October 15th will mark the launch of "Adler After Dark" which features music, drinks and appetizers the 3rd Thursday of every month. Guests will be able to enjoy special features of the planetarium including having their skin analyzed with a UV camera, testing the strength of a space shuttle heat tile by placing your hand behind it - - as they use a blow torch, and best of all ... having access to the Doane Observatory, the largest public telescope in the Midwest. The opening night (10/15) will be free 6p-10p, with every event after costing $15 (non-members). Thursday is the new Friday, and has been for some time now, so give the club scene a break and change it up a bit.

What: Adler After Dark
Where: Adler Planetarium 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.
When: Thursday 10/15/09
Time: 6p-10p
Cost: Free on the opening, $15 for non-members thereafter


E's said...

And I've never been to Adler Planetarium, ever. Sounds like a reason to go - thx for the info...

Joe said...

We will have Telescopes to show the public the heavens on the South Terrace on that evening and every future After Dark activities.

So, after enjoying the goodies inside the museum, come on out and take in Chicago's night sky.

Chicago Astronomer Joe

Adler Planetarium Docent Telescope/Observatory Facilitator

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