Oct 2, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition

For the most part my CTA rides have been fairly uneventful. I found myself actually yearning for the days of riding the #3 and #4 because they produced weekly blog fodder (or because it meant that I lived in the fabulous South Loop lol). The blue line seems to be full of professionals looking to escape the chaos of their jobs in the city and head home to their lives in the suburbs. However, on our way to the 'burbs we must first pass thru the West Side.

During my time on the blue line, I've discovered that the Kedzie-Homan and Pulaski stops are a hot mess. Lord, the folks that get on/off at those 2 stops cease to amaze me! They're usually loud, ghetto, crack-headish in appearance or just at a level 10 of sketchtasticness. The other day while I was trapped on the train between a group of 3 teenagers (teenagers annoy me to no end) I realized that I don't "love the kids". I hate the kids actually. I think the youth of today are tragic and a huge let down. As I was forced to endure meaningless conversations, the smell of their chicken and catfish specials, and unsightly appearance, I started taking bets on which stop they'd get off at. I was doubling down on Kedzie-Homan. Everything about them reeked of Kedzie-Homan. Have you ever felt like you were seriously going to die if you have to stay in a situation for 1 more minute? I have a flare for the drama, but really - - I was running off of 3 hours of sleep, entirely too much coffee and a day that had already been chopped full of small annoyances. Now, as I rode home I was on the verge of gouging my eyes out at the thought of having to spend another second sandwiched between this group of future let downs. As the Kedzie-Homan stop approached I saw the kids grabbing their bags and heading for the door. I smiled to myself knowing that I was right.

*Quick sidebar - - I noticed that sometimes as the cta #91 bus approaches the stop for the blue line on Austin, people will hop off, grab a stack of Red Eyes, and hop back on - - pulling off with my only source of entertainment as I make my way into the city. I'd really appreciate it if you'd turn your stingy ways down a few levels. It'd be nice to read a Red Eye at least 2-3 times a week! I'm just saying.....
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