Oct 27, 2009

Clothing Intervention

"Are you familiar with our return policy"

This has been rattled off so many times at the counters of Forever21 that I barely hear it anymore. However, as someone that shops there more than I'd like to admit, their return policy is emblazoned in my mind - - pretty much keep the tags on stuff until you wear it because w/o that little price tag and a receipt (and w/in 21 days) you're screwed.

Last week while at the store I witnessed a group of older women ( picture stylish grandmothers in their late 60's) having issues at the counter trying to make a return. The ladies pleading that they had "just bought the jewelery yesterday" but were told that all jewelry sales were final... and that w/o a price tag or receipt they wouldn't be able to even exchange it. I let out a soft chuckle because these ladies were obviously out of their element. They had wandered far away from the cushy comforts of Neiman Marcus and Saks and made their way to the land of teenage and 20-something clothing stores.

The next day I read an article in the RedEye by Jason Steele about dressing your age. This made me start wondering about the 60 yo grandmothers in Forever21. Did they get the memo that they shouldn't be shopping there. I mean, I'm 25 right now and sometimes I feel on the fence about going in there... but will someone tap me on the shoulder when the time comes to let go of that store? I don't want to be confused by ridiculous return policies, immature and impatient sales people and those obnoxiously bright yellow bags. The majority of my friends are the same age so realistically we should all kick the habit at the same time, but who knows.

Any thoughts on when it's time to let go of stores like Forever21?
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