Oct 2, 2009

Occupation: Club Promoter??

"Don't call me no mo and don't text me no mo... Cuz I'm through with ya! Cuz I'm through with ya!"

- The Great Project Pat

Everyone is accustomed to being bombarded with countless promoter text msgs, emails and wow - - haven't they destroyed the facebook event invite!!! A few hrs ago I received a text msg from a random number telling me that I needed to say such and such name at the door of fill in the blank club for whatever party. Jesus Christ, not again!!! I hate getting these annoying ass text msgs. I typically reply back asking to be removed and never get a response ... only another text msg when it's time to "promote" the next party. *sigh*

Today I was shocked when I actually received a response back to my reply of "please remove me from your list"... the promoter decided to let me know how he felt with a simple "no". NO??? Many blank stares, crickets and tumble weeds crossed my mind. How dare this raggedy ass text msg promoter tell me that he wouldn't be taking my name off of his list. I tried to scan my brain to remember when I last entered my email/phone # online in hopes of getting a $10 cover before 11p. lol... I was drawing up blanks as I haven't been going out lately. The next thing I know I received a text back from the "promoter" explaining to me that if I were to answer my phone when he calls then he wouldn't have to resort to sending text msgs. My head tilted in the way a dogs does when it just doesn't quite understand what's going on. God, this "promoter" must be some dude I had deleted from my phone and life... only for him to be making his dramatic return.

Annoyed at the msg I decided to take the high road and ignore the msg. I did, however, vent via twitter posting his phone # because umm, newsflash: if you're not going to remove me, I'll put your ass on blast and let the world possibly aid you in getting your mind right.

Now that my little venting session is out of the way, I have some great news for so-called promoters (i.e. guys that don't have legitimate jobs unless you consider being a professional text msg/email sender w/ access to the occasional free drink a real career)... Downtown Entertainment (Enclave and Cuvee) has partnered with Wingman Promotions to offer people the chance to compete to be: Chicago's Next Top Host!!!

Corny name? Yes... but don't dismiss this competition just yet. The winner will be given a grand prize of $5k and a full time marketing position with Downtown Entertainment and Wingman Promotions. Yes folks - - you'll actually be an employee of a legitimate company and be able to say you get W2s. If you think you're the life of the party, come up with creative party ideas, a strong circle - - or just want to be able to drink and party for free - - you could become Chicago's Next Top Host.

Over the course of the 6 week competition, contestants will be judged on their VIP relations, ability to attract people to an event, client services/satisfaction, and creativity. Get your friends involved as well by having them cast weekly votes for you online. To sign up for your chance to become a bit less annoying and more legitimate, visit the site.
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