Oct 21, 2009

Hair Candy

I had my last relaxer in May 09 and started transitioning in June 09. Along my 5 month journey I've learned how to care for my hair and what it likes (coconut oil, twists) and what turned out to be epic fails (braid outs, sleeping before it's dry).

For the Fall, I was on the hunt for a new look that would offer me the fullness I wanted, but not take so much time in the morning. This dream style came in the form of the classic twist n curl. It offers protection from the weather as well as the big hair that I love so much! Once I figured out that this style was for me I knew that I was still missing something. Like a necklace or earrings can add the finishing touches to a outfit you're wearing, a headband or hair pin can be the pièce de résistance.

A fun way for me, and other naturals, to spice up their wild curls is by adding a funky hair accessory. I've become hooked on decorative headbands and pins which can mostly be found at stores like Forever 21 for under $10. If your pockets are deep, head over to places like Bebe where you can find things to make your hair sparkle... but expect to have that price tag be a bit steeper (usually over $35 for a single headband).


Forever 21

**I'm actually wearing this one today!! Check out the pic at the top**



Anonymous said...

i love hair jazzer uppers! i cut my hair super short and it almost made me feel masculine (shhhh... don't tell my BF becuz i had to pretend to love it when he hated it). I found some feather pieces and flowers and my super short hair turned out to be the perfect canvas!

South Loop Social Light said...

Earlier this year I had my stylist cut bangs, on a whim. I loved it when I walked out the salon but the next morning by hair was a mess and the bangs made me cry!!! I had to pretend to like it so my bf at the time didn't think I was crazy. lol...

BFrank84 said...

We are almost hair buddies in trasitioning....I have done this three times, but this last time of final decision was the last.

Seeing my mom, sister and NOW brother embracing their hair in all forms it grows (lol)by dreading it up! I won't be dreading (yet) but I am definitely embracing my 3c/4a hair<--weird through braids right now....

Thanks so much for this tid-bit on hair jazzers I will definitely be walking down to State Street and hitting F21 soon!

BFrank84 said...

Your hair is super cute BTW :)

South Loop Social Light said...

Thanks BFrank! I'm not sure of what texture my hair is (it all gets a bit complicated to me. lol) but so far, so good. I love, love LOVE how full my hair is whenever I straighten it... and the versatility of being able to wear it curly is awesome.

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