Oct 9, 2009

Society of tight asses?

Tuesday night I made my way up North for the Ultimate O workshop hosted by the Pleasure Chest. In addition to learning the importance of intentional touch, breathing techniques to spread your orgasm throughout your body, and the joys of anal sex - - the instructors touched on how all women can become squirters, the proper use of cock rings, enlightening everyone on the fact that there were over 50 combinations to achieving an orgasm... and stressed over and OVER again that we lived in a society of tight asses!! I swear, one of my instructors was determined to convert us all into anal sex connoisseurs. Now, I know that some people are reading this with wide eyes or mouths slightly ajar... but I have been fascinated by sexual education for a long time. Over the years, shows like Cathouse: Bunny Ranch, Katie Morgan's Sex Tips and Real Sex have only aided my curiosity in growing even more. When I learned of the workshop on Tuesday I jumped at the chance to go.

After 2 hours of interesting information, we were let loose to explore the store. I could go into great detail describing the toys, treats, and sexual deviant things I saw - - but I'll just share a few of the pictures I snapped.

*By some freak oversight I forgot to bring my camera so had to rely on my blackberry.... I apologize in advance for the quality.

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