Apr 20, 2011

Sean's Start from Scratch

I know I've been going on and on about all of the homes I love, but Sean's Providence, Rhode Island condo is one of my new favs!! Now, this may come as a surprise because it's not full of the glamorous sparkle and shine that I love so much, but in terms of a clean, modern space that works for a couple it is awesome. I could easily see my husband and I living in this condo - - the TV is substantial with nice placement, and I absolutely LOVE the dining room. Black furniture with chrome accents is probably my favorite. The orange paint provides the right pop of color and they tied it into the dining room by placing it in the bookcase... very clever! The bedroom is on the more simple side and I would like to see that dressed up a bit, but I remember seeing that headboard in IKEA a while back and being a fan. I also could do more in the kitchen... but in terms of their dining/living space I was in heaven.

Sean's space is an entry in the Apartment Therapy Small/Cool 2011 Contest (Small Division). To vote for him click here.




 Providence, Rhode Island



Square Feet:


What I Love About My Home

I love how open and bright it is. My wife and I love hosting our friends and family for parties and dinner. We think our orange (Dragons Breath) fireplace is the best, it's original, an attention- getter, and is always complimented on when people come over (It also makes a great focal point with the TV mounted above the fireplace.) The "groovy" round domed skylight in the master bedroom is fun to look up at when laying in bed also. 

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home

We basically had to start from scratch when we bought the condo. The walls were painted "dirty contractor's white" at best, the bathrooms needed major cleaning and re-doing and the kitchen was in much need of a makeover. We also took down an island/peninsula that separated the dining and living areas (since removing it has opened up the space greatly). 

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