Apr 21, 2011

Life Without Cable Pt. 1

So, I made the first step - - I called the cable company and renegotiated our monthly bill, along with returning one of the two DVR boxes we had. Currently we only have cable on one TV in addition to our internet and were able to drop our bill by about $60 each month. It was a pain in the ass dealing with the Time Warner Cable rep... we were literally on the phone for an hour... but I got the bill lower, we still have cable, and I'm a happy camper.

In 3 months the DVR special promotion we have will be over and I'll consider calling back in for a new deal or saying adios to DVR altogether. Most of the shows I record are available online so DVR isn't an absolute MUST, but giving up cable cold-turkey would have been very dramatic for me.... baby steps!

On another note, my husband and I are doing well with one TV. We're learning to compromise, I guess I should say that I am learning to compromise more and not be a TV hog. Yes, I have the TV on lock lol... but my clench is slowly loosening up. I've also given up a few shows that I no longer have the time or desire to watch: Braxton Family Values  - - had to go. I can't handle another reality show lol. In all honesty I only need Bravo, HGTV, and the Travel Channel to survive.


Bajan Beauty said...

Glad you were able to get your bill down, these cable companies are bloodsuckers!

I am a TV hog too, I don't even like for other people to hold the remote control, lol.

South Loop Social Light said...

Haha... that's hilarious because I'm the same way! My husband is always asking for the remote and I end up playing 20 questions with him lol... I like to control the tv.

Simply said...

In doing some planning for my next move I was looking for a security system and came across this site. On there I was looking around and came across these little things you hook up to your main cable box, dvr, and two other tv's. The one on the main cable box sends the signal to your other tv's and its $50. I'll leave you the link but I'm considering it because I'm not trying to pay extra just to have cable in my rooms also. I'm trying to save as much as possible for tuition.


Oh I am not in anyway affiliated with these ppl, nor do I know them. I just came across it and it sound like a good thing.

Niki McNeill said...

Ha! I actually grew up with a "community" TV in the house so I'm used to sharing. I've never actually owned a television. My BF and I only have one... but it IS still a struggle sometimes. Good luck girl!

ANGELINA said...

Congrats! I'm happy it's working out for you so far :)

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Simply - Thanks for the info. I may have to look into that.

@ Niki - We've been doing pretty well. It's just about scaling back the amount of reality TV I watch and the playoff games he can pass on. Thank god for watching the games online.

@ Angelina - Thanks!

ChloƩ Bradshaw said...

Love it!!


laundrygirl said...

I just watched the Braxton Family Values tonight (2 episodes) and I must say - you aren't missing much! I think I'll let that choice go too. I'm a TV hog but there are times when I can go with very little TV and then times like now that I watch all the time.
I'm glad you were able to cut your bill though... You will adjust. It just takes time...

South Loop Social Light said...

@ LaundryGirl - There is a new reality show popping up every night. Might as well not get sucked in from the start so I don't know what I'm missing lol

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